About Jayantã

Jayantā is an acknowledged and respected leader in the field of Yoga and Buddhist meditation. As president of Stretch Awareness, she has over forty-five years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Her first introduction to yoga was in the late 1960’s, and a few years later to Buddhism when she met and became a student of the Buddhist nun, the late Anagarika Dhammadinna. She has studied and practised with a wide range of internationally known yoga and Buddhist meditation teachers.
Jayantā has been a guest speaker and a workshop presenter at many National and International conferences and is a guiding teacher and mentor to many students. Jayantā is also a founding member of numerous yoga and meditation groups such as the Yoga Association of Alberta, the Yoga Centre of Calgary, the Calgary Theravada Meditation Society, the Light of the Dhamma, the Canadian International Buddhist Foundation, the Canadian Iyengar Yoga Association and Sakyadhita Canada (the national branch of Sakyadhita International).

Jayantā is a member of CALM (Community of Abhayagiri Lay Ministers), Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, California. Recently she has been on sabbatical to further her studies and spend more time in personal practice. The heart of Jayantā practice is the sharing of Dhamma and guiding students.

Currently, Jayantā is mentoring students, leading Sangha sittings, presenting workshops, guiding meditation retreats and volunteering at international conferences. She has a strong involvement and commitment to Sakyadhita Canada Association of Buddhist Women to which she dedicates much of her time and experience.